Rock friction

The lack of traction while driving on rocks just plain sucks. Adding the rock traction mod fixes it but it should be addressed by the dev's. It's a simple fix adding the friction line to the rock xml page. I'm really hoping this is seen and addressed. I always add some crawling to my maps since a big part of mudrunner and hopefully snowrunner is hardcore trailing and rock crawling.

The game is definitely coming along. Looking forward to the future of it

Rocks should def have some a lil more friction.

You can pretty much climb up a 1:2 gradient bare rockface with offroad tires and a powerful enough engine, in almost any truck in the game, towing a loaded trailer... I'm not sure many real-world vehicles could manage that.

How much more traction do you want?! There's cable-driven funicular railways with less traction than SnowRunner 😛

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I'm just tired of having a better chance of sliding sideways and flipping over than actually going up a rock. Dont get me wrong, I don't want to climb any rock in sight. It's just needs a minor increase. I think some of it has to do with the smaller trucks being too light in the game. The rock traction mod increases friction to 2, I set mine at 1.1 and I have been much happier with the performance.

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