Exhaust smoke and screen flashing

When driving trucks with smoke stacks pointed straight up and following in 3rd person camera, the exhaust smoke looks like it has dissipated but it just makes the entire screen dark and then when you "pass through" it the screen brightens up quick making it flash or flicker depending on how fast you are driving. it is eye straining at night or if playing in a dark room. My 3rd person FOV is usually 90-100 and this happens when zoomed out. I hope I explained this well enough...

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If you can you should record a video, I might have video similar on a different problem but who share the same behavior.

@Raphael What is the easiest way to do that here (record and post)? A perfect example is the azov 64131 with the muzzle exhaust. Makes it worse if you are driving into a sunrise in alaska or Lake Kovd.

You can use OBS studio/nvidia overlay(if gpu nvidia) to record and upload to streamable.com

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@Raphael Thank you.


This also show the annoying v-sync fail

This is better. The screen going from dark to light when passing through the smoke is a harsh gradient change.


I think the vsync is failing in those area due to more shadow and increased in trees population or there is a problem in some area who create that behavior.
The same problem is happening on the Kovd map at sundown and sunrise, otherwise i can be in the midle of the same area without any frame drop.