feature request: stop adding missions automatically

It's something embarrassing that has already been mentioned since the game's release: in the mission system, when you've just completed a mission that was being tracked, immediately a new mission is started, and tracked. In my case, the automatically added mission was never the one I was interested in, so I always had to cancel every mission that was added.
Please add an option to make this feature optional or disable.

Completely agree. Sometimes after finishing a mission I think there's more to do and forget to cancel out the new mission.

I think making it an option would be best. I'm sure you've been playing for quite some time, but you also have to keep the new players in mind. Those just joining the series as it were. Sure for those of us who have been playing a while, when starting a new game again I love the skip tutorial and no recurring hints. I could definitely see this falling into that category. But disabling it completely would be detrimental to a new player.

auto set of next (usually wrong, often from another map) mission should be just removed.
or leave at as it is now.

but no optional! because we ask for so many options (on/off, old/new), so at the end we will have the game with 777 options, you need to spend an hour to choose the right setup...new players will be shoked

(and this topic should be removed from pts to gen fback)

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The automatic is not exactly smart. I'd like to have it clearly distinguished between "Opportunities" (everything which can be executed, but has not been unlocked OR activated), "Contracts" (you have unlocked it OR activated) and "Workbook" (your task, topmost is the current one).

Something you have NOT activated and can not be activated (locked ones) should be listed as Opportunity. As soon as you accept it, it should be activated and any mission you have fulfilled prerequisites should automatically go from "Opportunity" to "Contract". Kind of Auto-Activate. From the "Contracts" you can put them in your "Workbook". Where the system will plainly execute them one after the other.

Found out that I can suddenly "activate" some missions because something was fulfilled and I didnt got a hint. Some are locked (ok), some are active and some need to be activated. The last thing is annoying because you need to actively search for them. I missed the overview, especially in my "early time" of the game.

And having kind of workbook - you put the missions in the proper order there YOU want to execute. Period.

Another easy option:

  • Jobs you can start any time are white, as now or make them green.
  • Jobs which are locked (prerequisites not fulfilled) are red
  • Jobs which are not yet activated but available yellow.

Simple as something.

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