GMC mh9500 AWD upgrade?

GMC MH 9500 AWD upgrade in smithville dam not sure what truck it's actually for but it's not for the truck listed.

I think they messed that up, because I found the AWD upgrade for the GMC on Lake Kovd.

The exact same update is also on the Kovd map!

As I know is in "Smithville Dam" the diff-lock for the GMC and in "Kovd" the AWD for the GMC.
Where should be the AWD for the GMC in "Smithville Dam"?

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I thought AWD was in lake kovd, I was ln the GMC at the time and it said not available for current truck and on returning to the garage AWD was still locked saying explore Kola region to unlock this upgrade. It could have been diff lock but it said not available for current truck when I found it.

@dids You sure it wasn't for the White Western Star?

gmc awd upgrade in the new map on lake kovd, once you have it you'll be able to use awd

Ok so I started a new game went back and it's engageable diff lock for the gmc but it still said not available for current truck (GMC) but in the garage it's available twice for the Gmc I think this may be a problem caused by mods I have installed.