New Weapons and Customization Ideas?


I'd still really love to see mitznefets as an option to place on helmets. I'd still love to see the U-100 LMG as well.

What I really wanted to mention is the possibility of adding Russian kit, camos, and weapons to Security. Obviously there are Russians fighting terrorists (and others) in Syria. It would be cool to see modern Russian helmets, gear, camos, as well as more 5.45 and 7.62x39mm weapons for Security. If anyone else wants to see this add to the thread.

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I really enjoy the shotguns and would love some more love for them so i got a lil list of stuff me and some friends figured out would be fun
For the insurgents;
The IZh-12 and the Saiga would be good additions.

.Cheap gun.
.Would cost only 1 supply.
.Slow reload and obviously only having 2 shells.
.2 reload modifications.
.One to break it open faster, costing 3 supply.
.One for loading the 2 shells at once costing 2 supply.

.Soviet hardware.
.Would cost 4 supply
.Expected modifications like different sights.
.Extended magazine.
.Barrel attachments.

As for the Security;
Beretta SV10 and the USAS.

Their prices would be the same as the IZh-12 and Saiga the Insurgents have and with similar if not the same modifications.
Supply point balancing is obviously up to devs but i've thought about this and discussed it with a few friends who have been playing for 100+ hours, so we've established a baseline of what we feel would be reasonably fair and fun.