Is respawning with a bolt gun and loosing your night vision "hardcore" or just anti-fun?

I really enjoy the hardcore coop mode and also basically find the normal mode unplayable due to the frankly ridiculous movement speed and too much UI. But some features of hardcore are really starting to bother me.

I dont mind the limited resupplies, or the fact that you have to actually scrounge around for ammo whether from dropped guns or ammo cans around objectives. I actually find that part of the gameplay enjoyable. I dont mind the limited hud or the slower movement speed, I actually prefer them. What I mind is dying to some bullshit that the AI does and going into no fun mode. This is especially egregious on night maps where you not only loose your gun, but also your night vision.

Seriously, wouldnt it be enough to take away my armor and carrier but let me keep my gun and night vision? Taking away both your gun and night vision is not hardcore, its just anti fun. Its even worse on night maps, because there you cant even pick up guns, because guess what? Only AI with SMGs and shotguns have flashlights. You cant pick up ammo from dropped shotguns, so unless you find an ammo can on the objective, why even bother. And SMGs are even more of a problem when you cant find ammo. So at night youre basically forced to keep playing with the bolt gun and whatever pistol you had equipped if you even bothered to include one in your equipment.

If that isnt enough of a problem, the more fresh respawns there are, the worse it gets for people that managed to survive, because now you have multiple flashlight users that will shine them in your face, enemies or angles that you are trying to hold making impossible to see and eventually leading to your death.

It also makes classes like the Gunner, Marksman, Demo and Breacher pointless, because the moment you die, you loose access to what makes them unique and useful - their weapons and explosives.

This leads to people either often leaving games the moment they die, or cranking their gamma up on night maps(or if they stay, severely impacting their teammates with night vision). Are those really good features to have? Things that force people to rage quit or impact their teammates to the point of making the game unfun for everyone?

My suggestion - let us keep our guns and night vision, but take away armor and ammo carriers. Potentially loosing 2 explosives and 5 mags + no armor sounds plenty hardcore to me, without sucking all the fun out of playing the game.

@undermind Honestly, flashlights are far better options for Coop Night maps. They actually blind bots and make them free score points. Still, Hardcore mode is really just a mix of Checkpoint and Survival from Ins2014, in my opinion. Now, the bolt-actions aren't bad (unless its the M24 fuck that garbage), and if you aren't modding out a decent pistol in Hardcore Checkpoint I don't really know what else to tell ya, but everything else is just how Hardcore works, and its been like that for a year now, so I doubt any changes are gonna happen at this stage.

If you can't adapt to Hardcore, then don't play it. It's honestly as simple as that. It's definitely not for everyone.

I agree with you OP.

I really do like hardcore too with the slow pace roomclearing etc, at night mode it's even cooler using tactical gear like IR lasers and suppressors to clear rooms, but then you die and spawn with some joke loadout.. meh..

Spawning with a bolt action and flashlight is anti fun. It's not hardcore, it's arcade and an artificial way of increasing difficulty. I do like the scavenging part too but spawning with a bolt action is just frustrating and takes away from the realism and immersion that hardcore tries to offer in the first place (and does well apart from these annoyances).

Would be nice if we spawn with some realistic but very plain loadout, like the primary being standard service rifle m16 or akm, no attachments, 2 mags only, these mags can actually be scavenged so a flashlight should be fine in nightmode. Otherwise it could be the cheapest nvg.

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@MarksmanMax I didnt really ask for tips, so you dont need to patronize me. Also when you say that "bolt guns are not that bad unless its the m24", do you realize that thats like, half the bolt guns in the game?

These features only hurt the gameplay, without really being "hardcore". Hardcore doesnt mean no fun. It means something that increases the difficulty without negatively impacting gameplay. Being forced to play the game like its Quake 3 and just running around picking up guns off the ground just removes any kind of immersion the game has managed to create. Thats just my opinion though. If you like the game as it is now - thats up to you.

This is the reason why I started my private community servers in the first place. There are four different now (all Insurgency Sandstorm), but the main one is all about playing "hardcore" w/o loosing your loadout. I don´t know your location, but if you want to try it out here is the data you need: