Map was bad for me

the map Halfland 2 of 5 I downloaded this map last night and when i got done i started mudrunner up it was glicthing from start im mean when u first see the Tiger. i opened the new map that i just put in and i went straight to the moon i did not know how to fix that. so i just deleted my media folder i put a new folder back in and the trusted maps from

I downloaded that map but I always check the files to see what third party assets it contains. That map is completely loaded with items. I didn't install it. Hope you got everything sorted out.

@joridiculous ah one of those maps i guess. like the way voto and dexter paris have done their maps. the ones where you have to have Voto's library to go with the maps.

any third party mod site you run risks, but will agree NL is the safest i have found so far.

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@joridiculous i did install Gregs files . i read all the instructions. this is the second time this has happened to me. i forgot the name of the map it was about month ago on the same site. most of the maps that i get off there usually work just fine.

@sully-courage i did get it straightened out . it happened to me and some other people just a while back on the same site. but somebody said they had to do something to some files and it straightened in my game last night every map i would open i would shoot straight up in the sky

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