Editor Suggestions,

In no particular order

Add a a slider to APPLYOFFSET for roads, from 0-100. The tracks created by APPLYOFFSET are too strong from time to time especially when, making roads narrow for example 2-3 meters and with the terribly handling scout vehicles.
Expected behaviour: By adding a slider from 0-100 we can control how much track is applied to each road.

After initial startup of the Editor and clicking any model, for example a rock. It EXPANDS ALL model groups. This is infuriating.
Expected Behaviour: Only the group the model is part of should be expanded.

The add MODEL or PLANT window does not retains its resizing. Its constantly resets to the default window size
Expected Behaviour: Save the resize setting

The add MODEL or PLANT window search bar RESETS everytime, for example: Im adding "rocks", if I want to add another rock I have to type out "rock" in the search bar everytime.
Expected Behaviour: Dont reset the last search, OR add an option to either reset or not reset.

A group of mutliple models or plants dont rotate on a new average axis but rotate on their individual axis
Expected Behaviour: Create a new a virtual axis for the group and rotate around that point.

Model scaling, add 3 axis scaling, instead of 1 overall scaling.

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nice suggestion .. be nice to have a spline for models like fences etc too placing them individual is long ... similar to the overlays but models ..

id say up to date (2020) interface, but it wont happen we are stuck with Windows 95

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