Hello dear reader.
In this topic, I want to discuss the game and its development.
The first thing that needs to be said is the game is cool. In this game, you have a lot of weapons, tactics, ballistic, and other things that you can't find in others.
However, we have some doubtful things like double scopes, different workings of laser pointers and light shadows, useless points, and similarity of game mods.
Let us begin from the end.
Game modes. Most of it is similar. Capture the point, destroy the next. In my point of view, developers can add more interesting mods. For example escort. It can be the escort of the MVP, tank, or player with the package. Or hacking some server, and you need a cover the player, who hacking. The blowing of the wall to move the next location, etc. Don't need to invent the wheel, just look at the forgotten games with the big ambitions (Brink, ETQW)
The next thing is useless points. I have a lot but I have been bout the needed close for 2 or 3 hundred points. and using just it. It is not a need for an upgrade of weapons or something like this. It is just for checkmarks. "Ya, we have a money system, what r u want from us?" But for what it needed? The best option is to pay these points for weapons upgrades. For example, you want to play with some weapon, open it by the points, and use it permanently. You want to add the scope - buy it for the points and use it permanently. I believe that the developers find a way to do it useful.
Ok, the next is a laser pointer. Why it works so differently? I mean if some player uses the simple pointer (red dot) and stays on the place, the mannequin can point the weapon down but others see the red dot in a place where the player looks. On the other hand the IR laser pointer. It works normally. Besides, try to shine any pointer through the smoke, and you will see the light line. I don't know why it is not working in the game, because this is a simple thing. You can find the instructions on YouTube if you want. In addition, why we dont have a shadows? It can be released with simple blueprints, but why? I think that is the main thing in this gametype. It helps with orientation and tactical movement, For example if you see the shadow of enemy in doorway, or on some object, it can play impotant role to survive in the war. And when you run your model turn the gun with light up, others shine ahead. May be we can add first look combined with third person? I mean you can link the camera to the head, as a result players can see their body from their screen, and it would be cool for more players.
The last thing is the double scopes. Our genius military, use it one by one. It is strange. Why we do not use for example one another scope with 2x? Duble scopes are cool, or what? I think that it is the most strange thing in the game. Ok, I use 2 scopes, but why I can't screw one of them to change zoom? As I know, it using by some people for this option. Otherwise use one scope with zoom and one scope for near distance at some side or on the top of the main scope. I think that scopes and mechanics like this would be cool for this game. In addition to these cases, the better way is to use different types of sight but more diverse.
That's all that I want to say at this moment.
Thank you for your attention!

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