Hello, i am hoping to find an answer to some issues with snowrunner in multi player mode. When playing with a friend we often have some pretty wacky things happen! Especially if our trucks are close to one another. I have trucks randomally go flying half way accross the map into places you would otherwise not be able to get to, to trucks driving themselves upside down while the player driving it says otherwise. it's a real Glitchy mess and we are not sure what is going on. neither of us has these issues in single player mode. We both have solid strong internet connections. This happens regardless of witch one of us is hosting or not as well. Both running on some pretty good strong computers as well. It's almost pretty unplayable because often we spend alot of time doing a mission and suddenly the game glitches out and such. I will post some further photos later on for clarification as to what i mean. Just wondering if this issue is common and at all recognized? and if so is there a fix, cause we LOVE THIS GAME.

thank you