Save and mods from PTS to singleplayer

I play PTS.I have some mods from activated in game.I would like to play the save game from PTS with the mods I have in PTS active in the game on single.
What to do to make it possible to continue playing with PTS on the single (I saved the save folder from the PTS to the folder with the save on the single) and to have the mods I have in PTS active in the game in the single?

Mods should probably work when they roll out the next live patch - some may work fine already.

Saves are another matter - they specifically make the point to saying that save compatibility only works one way - coping your save to the PTS version.
If it works the other way at all, it's entirely likely that something will be broken that may not be immediately apparent. More likely it will either just break entirely, or the game will prevent you from even trying.

There's never going to be save compatibility from a test server back to a live branch... that's just not something most developers would commit to support.

Unfortunately, not all mods do not work on PTS(trucks and vehicles works on PTS).So mods from PTS would work on a single with a new patch, but the save game from PTS may not work on a single.
So it remains to play on the PTS version.

PTS will be closed on 15th july when the official version will be released.

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Yeah, you shouldn't get into the habit of "playing" on the PTS version... you should only expect to be "testing". It's not just a way to get to play new content early - there's absolutely zero support for it to play the game continuously, and it will be switched off whenever there's no testing going on.