Editor you cant remove Scaling from Distributions.

Editor you cant remove Scaling from the Distributions. Once you painted on scaling, you can only change it to the bigger/smaller modifier, but you cant remove the modifier so the distribution has the default scale!

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There has never been an option to reset the default scale.

You can use a smaller brush (1,5-2,5) with Randomize activated, a Value of 0,85 and 0,0 Falloff to restore the scale in the editor. It's not the same but very close and from what I can tell it's absolutely sufficient.

If you want to restore the scale 1:1 you have to open the dstr_dstrname.tga with PhotoShop or Gimp and edit the green channel- exchange the channel with one from an unchanged dstr_.tga.

May I ask why you need to reset the scale? What's the problem?

Because it makes sense to be able to remove a change that you have made.