bad trends in modern rts

seriously BFG1 had horrible zoom, the zoom in was great but the zoom out was pathetic, i usually played at a 30° angle just to fit a little more on my screen
same thing with total warhammer, lucky it has mods to fix that, but the vanilla zoom out is pathetic not even fitting the 20 units on the screen unless you make a dwarven box and a proper ork fight that includes a WAAAGH! becomes almost unmanagable with how much you are forced to move your camera
dungeons 2 was free this weekend and i got it, first thing i noticed was that i could zoom in enough to see the nozehairs on my snotlings but my max zoom out was locked to 1/5000th of the map, barely 3 units fit on the screen if you zoom out as far as you can go

people dont have 2cm screens, if they zoom out they can still see a lot of the detail, especially with 4k becoming more common
so please, let me have an actual overview of the map in BFG2
dont continue this horrible trend
let people zoom out

Whats the size of your monitor?
Maybe I'm just used to it, but I've never really had an issue with the zoom.

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I play on a 60" tv at 1080... and i had to angle the camera to see the map.
this one i think

if you can fit the entire battlefield on your screen i would like to see a screenshot for that
having your fleet split up on both sides of the map means you have to use the double click to switch sides or following it is almost impossible

@ashardalon Agreed. This is the one issue I had with the game mechanics. Total war at least has a very good camera mod, but for BFG, well...

With bigger battles being promised a better zoom would not be a bad idea. It will help alot for people trying to make strategic moves more easily and when then zoom in for the micro.

@neighbor-kid said in bad trends in modern rts:

I play on a 60" tv at 1080... and i had to angle the camera to see the map.

I'm not sure I follow your logic. I have a 52" and 100" both used for gaming, but you don't "see" anything more just because the monitor/TV/projector is physically larger. 😛

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