At the end of the 7 week Xbox regular season, we will invite 16 of the top teams to a KO tournament to determine the season's champion.

Their name to be added to the illustrious list of scrubs sorry, I mean storied champions in the Hall of Champions, the champ can also get a player with the Fan Favourite extraordinary skill in the following season, and some Cyans too (it's the next bitcoin I hear).

The table below illustrates how you can be invited to the cup. There will be no more than two of the same race in the cup total. So, the tiered qualifying spots must go to unique races (no duplicates) and the same goes for the wild cards.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Finally, if you qualify for the cup please follow the Financial Fair Play rules (see separate post), do not concede in the cup as it spoils the experience for everybody else (doing so may result in a ban), and be ready to look for a ticket soon after the regular season ends.

If tickets are not accepted within 24hrs of issue then we'll look for another player to take the spot.

With all that said - go bust some 'eds !