Moments in the Mud

very sharp screenshots, how did you do that

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@thombuggy basically i have Adega graphics mod installed with autumn theme and these are my settings


it might be anti-aliasing so disable only FXAA and then try it out

the Adega graphics mod I use to, settings in game are different.
I have to test it

@thombuggy u did it nice😁

@thombuggy no problem bro, if i can i will always help

that just makes fun, I love it with a 6 point trailer
and with the 9 point trailer

hmmm... these bumpers could use a bit of a trail cut. 🤔

no winch points and just ever so slightly hung here. so close. 😒
alt text

the down side to give a better picture of the situation.
alt text


ill be honest, i did spawn these trailers there just to give the old ZIL some company

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@zamal was going to say if those trailers were not there... still very nice screen shot. 😆 👍🏽

those times you find a screen shot in your pictures folder and can not remember what, where or when. 😖
alt text

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@8up-local i guess it is the map "around the lake"