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Did some further testing with friends and this seems to be happening only with Russian trucks that have the mounted heavy crane when I load to coop.

When I load into a friends map, my truck is always glitched.
When my friend looks at my truck on the map it's rotating 360 constantly.
The scenery around me starts flickering like crazy.
It stops me from attaching my winch to friends (they have the checkbox ticked for allowing friends to winch).
When I move to a friends truck, my truck that I loaded in with starts flipping physically in the game smashing everything around it, chewing up the road etc.

It also seems to affect general play:

  • my friend flipped his truck and when I'm in the flipped truck, it is unmovable. As soon as I leave the truck, it can be easily towed/winched/moved
  • certain trailers become unmovable even if I'm nowhere near them (oversized loads for special delivery). Friend was attached to special load and we thought it was stuck on a tree stump so we were ramming it with a P16 and CAT 745C and it wouldn't budge. As soon as he detached from the load we could move it easily!

Anyone else experiencing anything like this? It's making multiplayer impossible for me which is a real bummer cos that's the best part - getting into trouble and figuring out the hardest way out of it!!

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