Burg : Custom Level (wip)

Hey, having loads of fun working with this beautiful game. This is a wip level i'm working on, Burg. Lots of custom stuff.

Will update thread with more pics and info. WIll provide a download link when its ready!

Release date soon...



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That's quite a spiffy little shack in the background there!
How liberal might you be with said custom assets once the map is released? Everybody likes a little variety in the scenery which is why I give free reign with any of the assets in my own maps...

I'm taking a liking to that building as well. Could pass up as a Jite! Much better than the one I stayed in in France.

Is this a trail or logging map?
Looks promising.

Impressive backdrop. Look forward to seeing it when you're finished.

lil update...

This is an in-editor pic of Burg. The level is 64x64. 75% visible here.

Also, if anyone knows how to do a freecam (god mode) in game, please let me know ! đŸČ Level looks much better ingame.

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@joemama That looks fantastic. Nice job. It looks to be a very interesting drive. Thx for the update.

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