Burg : Custom Level (wip)

Hey, having loads of fun working with this beautiful game. This is a wip level i'm working on, Burg. Lots of custom stuff.

Will update thread with more pics and info. WIll provide a download link when its ready!

Release date soon...



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That's quite a spiffy little shack in the background there!
How liberal might you be with said custom assets once the map is released? Everybody likes a little variety in the scenery which is why I give free reign with any of the assets in my own maps...

I'm taking a liking to that building as well. Could pass up as a Jite! Much better than the one I stayed in in France.

Is this a trail or logging map?
Looks promising.

Impressive backdrop. Look forward to seeing it when you're finished.

lil update...

This is an in-editor pic of Burg. The level is 64x64. 75% visible here.

Also, if anyone knows how to do a freecam (god mode) in game, please let me know ! đŸČ Level looks much better ingame.

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@joemama That looks fantastic. Nice job. It looks to be a very interesting drive. Thx for the update.

@joemama said in Burg : Custom Level (wip):

Also, if anyone knows how to do a freecam (god mode) in game, please let me know !

I've only done it one way. Which I'm pretty sure is not the "best" way to do it. But I haven't gotten around to doing it the "best" way. So I wouldn't know exactly how it's done.

Anywho, you can simply increase the <Camera RadiusMultiplier="1.0"> value of any vehicle(in said vehicle's trucks XML) to something ridiculous. Say 25 or so. And "play" the map with that vehicle.

The other(probably "best") way I've heard of is to mess with the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires MudRunner\Media.zip\classes\cameras\default XML.

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@MudHappy - thanks, worx great!

It did bring about a new issue. View distance is very small. What file and parameter adjust view distance?

If by "view distance" you're referring to what we've all called the "physics bubble" then I believe it's hard-coded...

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