PTS Patch Notes (Patch 7) 24/07

Hey everyone!

We hope you've been enjoying your time in the frozen Kola Peninsula, not making too many truck-shaped holes in the ice. If you're already hungry to explore its other half, we're glad to provide: Patch 7 content is now live on the Public Test Server!

Keep in mind that this content is in a Beta state, and you will most likely encounter bugs. The purpose of the PTS content is to get your feedback in order to provide a smoother experience at launch.

As a reminder, your save can be transferred to the PTS, but not from the PTS to the live game.

All your feedback and bug reports are very welcome in the PTS feedback forum section.

Patch Notes


  • [DLC] New map in the Kola peninsula region - Imandra
  • [DLC] New vehicle - TUZ 108 Warthog
  • [DLC] New vehicle skin for TUZ 166
  • [DLC] New addon - Metal Detector
  • [DLC] Exclusive Bobblehead - Dog
  • [DLC] New Upgrades to find
  • New Activity: Trials (Ride-on King & Lost in The Wilderness) with exclusive completion rewards (bobbleheads Joker and Masha)
  • Supported interior customization & interior customization modding:
    • Air fresheners
    • Bobbleheads
    • Stickers

Other changes:

  • Owned trucks counter in the trucks store is now properly displayed
  • Information about players trucks location is now displayed in the player profile
  • Players on the same internet connection can now play co-op
  • Supported tasks and contracts restart in co-op
  • Added new contracts for Michigan region
  • All scout vehicles except for the TUZ 420 Tatarin now have a crane socket on the roof
  • Added broken vehicle to both polygons so modders could easily test repair addons
  • Supported co-op with modded trucks:
    • When a client joins to host with mods, all host mods are automatically downloaded
    • A player can switch matchmaking settings between the base game and modded version
  • Fixed RU heavy crane synchronization in co-op
  • Fixed a bug when physics was disabled for objects that are far from the player (caused cargo falling through trailers, objects stuck in an unrealistic position)
  • Supporter option for input hints display (only wheel/any active input)
  • Supported camera controls with the d-pad on Logitech G920/G29
  • Improved Logitech FFB
  • Fixed wheels falling through rocks in some cases
  • Fixed snorkel for Royal BM17
  • Fixed AWD model for GMC MH9500
  • Fixed a bug when deleting custom scenarios save slot did not properly delete player save data
  • Fixed a bug when some vehicles had different purchase/sales prices
  • Fixed snow flickering on railroads
  • Fixed a bug when some objects on a map were flying away when player drove nearby
  • Modding Tools:
    • Supported ability to add custom-made assets to the maps
    • Added support of gameplay zones set up (garages, tasks, contracts, etc.)
    • Added reference maps to the editor pak
    • The updated modding guide is available in the editor folder
    • Note that for future game editor updates we will include a separate changelog file for our modding community

Please note that this build is not final, there still some art, UI, and stability issues that we are working hard to fix asap, but early feedback from players is much appreciated.

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What can I do now if beat the game on ps4?

Thank you for the update! I've been enjoying the game (PC and T300RS wheel) and I am glad to see you guys are working on the bugs.

Quick question - I see: All scout vehicles except for the TUZ 420 Tatarin now have a crane socket on the roof
This is very helpfull but if the vehicles keep falling off the trucks or trailers the purpose is defeated. Are you working on providing a way to "pack" vehicles on top of trailers/trucks in the same way we currently can pack cargo?

Except for the truck sounds that needs a serious rework, Snowrunner is gorgeous and has excellent physics, thank you and keep the up the good work!

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Nice! Thats a big beautiful patch notes list!
Awesome stuff, keep it up.

awesome list of patch notes! some great addtiions and fixes in there! Keep up the great work, I started a new game after patch 6 came out and I am thoroughly enjoying it

@Yaser571 said in PTS Patch Notes 24/07:

What can I do now if beat the game on ps4?


Hi Everyone

We are really glad to bring new content, features and all of the QOL changes for you in this update

Have fun playing, and please report any bugs that you'll find and any feedback on this forum, we are watching closely


Senior Producer, Saber Interactive

It seems that the gods of balance are working in Saber


  • To unlock you need a very difficult (but at least interesting) rescue mission across the entire map
  • After unlocking, the car is almost without gasoline and on wheels unusable for anything
  • Tuned - so weak that cannot climb some hills


  • To unlock you need just go to the store and buy it
  • "From the box" - better than most vehicles in the game
  • Tuned - climbing even when there are no hills, because can do a wheelie
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Finally. A patch list, that I believe deserves its name! Including significant fixes like: "Players on the same internet connection can now play co-op". Now I have some hope again, that third-party wheels will be eventually supported too some time.

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Nice too see longer and more detailed patch note and the upcoming fix who will be more than welcome.🙂

Dear @esorokin, the addition of the AWD for the GMC MH9500 is sure welcome, even though it doesn't exist in real life, and never has.
However, the Westernstar twinsteer which in real life does have AWD, is still not in the game.
Are there any plans to introduce it, maybe in a future update, like the GMC's AWD? It would be a great improvement when it comes to realism.

Yes you can find AWD upgrade for Twinsteer on a new map

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@Jellyfoosh With mods in co op. Does that also mean they're giving more access through, ie. realistic gearboxes, realistic tire pressure which atm is manual install, is subscription install now supported for those kinds of mods?

omg devs please stop spoiling me, i am not ready for more snow runner fun 👹


Nothing about removing the horific fog and the crazy too bright lights? Ufff... At least for PC if the console can't handle it... why you messed up PC graphic with consoles problems? We dont need the damn fog to reduce distance view on PC!!!!!

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