Island Lake, Bug in mission "3 x drilling equipment"

Island Lake Bug.jpg

Task: 3 Pickup sites with 3 times drilling equipment. I finished TWO, one is really cleaned and I am still offered two pickup sites. The left one WAS cleaned and it still offers me drilling EQ.

You dont even need to pick up from all 3... you can pick 3 times from same place...

Yeah, makes sense. Seems that at least two of the sites have a never ending storage for this equipment, the middle one seems to work as intended. Picked up once, delivered, thats it.

@JTT The central point your referenced is a watchtower and not a drilling site. The 3rd site is further west of the other two you circled in this screenshot.

That said, the mission does highlight the three pick-up sites but you can complete this mission just by visiting the same pick-up point if desired. A bit of extra challenge would be forcing you to visit all three locations to complete this contract.

Ups, sorry. But I am quite sure, "it vanished". Maybe. And by picking up three containers from three sites I assume, that was the idea behind that mission.

At least I managed to roll over my "White Western" three times at three different locations and managed also to put the container back with my 2070A and a yellow crane....

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A lot of missions have a hard way and a easy way to complete them depending on what you discover first. I I was confused by the same thing but in the end you can pick up the drilling equipment for either of the 3 sites.

Yeah but thats a bug... whats the point to offer 3 loading points if you can load 3 times in same place...

There is a task in North Port where you can complete it in mere seconds if you don't want to follow the instructions.

Didn't even realize that was a bug, but it did seem redundand to have 3 places to pick it up from, while you obviously gonna go for the one that is closest.