Small suggestion for k700: stronger rear light


I use k700 a lot to load logs in trucks. I really like that way to load logs.

Only problem is loading logs by night: the rear light is not strong enough and it's difficult to see where we go.
You get a strong rear light when you go in advanced mode and select the grabber, but not when you just back up. And you can't do both at the same time...

Can we have that strong rear light available for backing/manœuvring as well? It would make our lives much easier by night!

Thank you,
Keep up the good work!

Here is what I mean:
Back up light:

Grabber light:

Grabber light would be nice to have when backing up! It would made it easier to load logs by night !

I hope this suggestion get addressed in one of the next updates 🙂

Thank you

Great post! I agree. Love the K-700 for loading.

It also looks like one of the lights cast shadows and the other not.
It's the same on all the other trucks, headlights don't cast shadows but the rear lights do.

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