Unable to restart Trials map (also locked menu)

Pressing start to open the menu, selecting Restart does nothing. Only continue seems to work. Trying to go back using the B button (using a xbox 360 controller) locks up the choices and can no longer continue or exit the game.

Yeah fix in progress, will be included in the next PTS update

@esorokin Hey I want to add to this that after recovering (I recovered a few times, or maybe it was after I failed [due to damage]) I was able to successfully leave the map to the title screen [could not reproduce]. ALSO the "Recover" option for the two trials maps are flipped. Ride-On King, when you go to recover to the start (not restart, recover) the pop up says something like, Do You Want to Recover to start of Lost in wilderness? or something. Same for Lost in Wilderness, it asks if you want to recover to start of Ride-On King.
One more thing when I recovered the Chev CK1500 was in the lowest gear, but upon recovering it was still visually shifted down but drove as in automatic.

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