What Gamer Type Are You?

Daggerheart has defined 17 "Tabletop Gamer Types"


How do these 17 relate to each other in a "motivation" map? Quantic Foundrys 12 categories are used for the map.

Zoom in on the mindmap using the mouse wheels or fingers on a tablet:


I believe that Blood bowl players are mostly into the "Creative High skill/High luck Gamer" group 🙂 Agree?

Daggerheart's site also contain 70+ Strategy guides for board games.


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I am more of a PC FPS gamer and sometimes I am a mobile gamer as well when my PC is not nearby or the network starts acting funny 😛

Hello, I used to be a PC player. And not just in BB, but other games as well. Until I got transformed/born again. And when my eyes were opened, I abandoned the virtual world. Reality is so much better. Seriously. I hope more of You will be on the right side someday.
All the best.