TUZ 108 Low Saddle

I'm reluctant to create some threads as minor UI, broken text or views are already likely slated to be fixed or have been for next release. As such, I'm not sure on the intention so I'll offer feedback rather than classify as a bug.

On the new TUZ 108 "Warthog", you can equip a low saddle. However, you are limited to turning only a few degrees when using the 5-slot flat-deck or sideboard semi trailers as well as the 5 slot step-deck. The exception is the gooseneck which has a narrower deck at the saddle and can facilitate turning. The semi fuel trailer is obviously missing because of its length but I'm unsure if the other trailers mentioned should be an option?

Confirm, here are the illustrations of the problem. But moving saddle back will not solve it. It will make the thing worse, as saddle should not be behind back axle.
Better - forbid using saddle low trailers that does not fit well, like you cannot buy big fuel tank semi-trailer for this truck. So for now only goose-neck semi-trailer will be available for Tuz 108. And for such a small truck it is enough.

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.07.25 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.07.25 -

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