BUG: truck disappears when recovering

i went into a game with a friend i have been playing with on live many times before.....i was on Kvod and the new map, when i took a truck out, i forgot to put an attachment onto it, and i recovered it to the garage without even leaving the parking lot of the garage, the truck vanished but my camera didnt to the garage, so i open the map to teleport to the garage, and my truck is gone completely, i look at the truck store and it says i still own it, but cant find it anywhere

Day 2: relaunched the game, bought a new one because i didnt expect it to be there, now i have 2 in my storage list, but the store says i only own 1.....here is a picture of both side by side in the garage alt text

and here is one in the truck store with says i only have 1 alt text

Day 2.5, i have another one that came from nowhere, so i have 3 warhogs, but only 1 bought on store, no clue how i managed it.......Sold them all, bought 3 more, now have 3 bought in truck store

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Also occurring for me. Recovery = sitting where truck has disappeared with stuck camera. Truck not in garage. Consistent and reproducible bug that seems to eat up whatever truck you are recovering during ANY coop session. Hopefully devs are aware and working on a fix. Very excited for coop mods!