Issues with contract "The price of victory"

Hello, I'm trying to complete the contract "The price of victory" and something strange happens before activate the tracking in the maps appear the position of one of the armoured cars, but when i started the tracking the position of the armoured car disapeared, i don't know if it is intended to be like that.

Before activate the tracking

After activate the tracking

Other thing i think i don't know how to opperate the metal detector, when i activate the scan the module deplois but nothing happen only when i was in front of the car the module emits a bip sound.

How i supposed to operate it correctly or you can't find the cars with the module and i need to operate the radar to found them and the metal detector only make the cars loadable?

The same issue exists with the "Star in the sky" contract. I used a scout to reach the "spot" and that unlocked the next stage and also revealed the armored car locations. I never had to actually use or visit the locations with a vehicle that had the metal detector equipped. I'm also still not sure exactly how it's supposed to work. So these are definitely bugged.

Yes, the target points of these two contracts are revealed as soon as you activate the contract and then reactivate another contract.
If you activate one of these two again, the symbols will disappear again, unless you have searched for metal nearby.

Only one car shows up for me. Where is the second one?

No armored cars for me?

Can someone please run down what should happen please.

I found the metal detector, but it was not in my garage for deployment ~ I did bring one from Michigan ? But no cars are showing up at all. I can now deliver to the Airport, but I've no cargo loaded ????

Guys dont waste time with pts... let the lazy devs to fix the damn game by themselves as its suposed to do... wtf... we are hired for free to find bugs and problems for them? You too kind for what they give us...

On PTS 7.1, I had an issue where one out of the three components for The Star in the Sky contract would NOT pack on the trailer in its pickup location. I had to move the cargo as well as the truck and trailer to a different area in order to pack as it kept giving an error about unable to pack cargo even when the component was in line and on the trailer. And since no one has mentioned anything I'm not sure if that's how it's supposed to work or not.

Same with the armored cars, seems the metal detector was broken on PTS 7.0 as I never needed it.