Keeps disconnecting all the time on Xbox

I’ve literally given up playing in Xbox CCL because my game keeps crashing. Out of 16 Games I played before giving up this season 4 were disconnects by me and 2 were disconnects by my opponent. If it wasn’t for the fact you can reset Games if they crash in private leagues I’d have stopped playing altogether. Why can’t one of 3 things happen

  1. fix the crashing
  2. allow reconnects. Heaps of other more complicated games do it
  3. Count disconnects as a null game (ie no spp awarded to either team, no loss/win on your record, no mvps) if both players agree or automatically if it’s before the kickoff.

All I want is a properly working game, not to much to ask is it?

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Second this. I have played 1/3 of what I played in ccl last season. Granted I'm still playing in smaller domestic competitions. What's the point in getting stressed out trying to get a team into a playoff position within a 5 DC time frame?
I'm on 4 at the moment. 1 due to a regular concede. 3 due to dashboard glitch error. Iv been kicked from season twice. Had to stop playing last season in week 5 of 6. It's just not good enough. Take your cash prize and put it into paying the guy in charge of stability.

Yes please...while my experience has been much more stable lately with your game, others are encountering the issues I, well, went into much detail about previously, ie., that they are getting hit by rashes of instability. Seriously, the ability to reconnect to a game from a disconnect, would make all the difference. I mean, I am able to reconnect to PUBG in about a minute when it crashes... that is a game that is hosting 100 players in real time. A two player, turn based game should be able to provide this same basic functionality as a massive multiplayer shooter that is still effectively in open beta on console...

This is actually the primary issue why I cannot recommend friends of mine to purchase your game on the XBox. I'd like to, I have friends I feel would enjoy it, that I would enjoy playing with, but your XBox version is inferior to your PC version to such a degree that I cannot do so in good faith. I mean, greater stability, as I'm experiencing in the short term, would be great, but the rashes of disconnects and CTDs that others are still experiencing would be wholly more acceptable when they popped up if the ability to reconnect to a game in progress were available, as it is on the PC.

Echoing what thessii said. I seem pretty stable this season but have hit 6 DCs previously and not modified my behaviour in any way. Whereas other have had the opposite experience.

A reconnect option would be my ideal solution and we could drop DC limit down to like 2 on CCL to account for real life stuff online (power cuts etc.).

I love this game and love the X-Box community but feel similar that I can't in good conscience recommend money and time investment. It's a shame as feel our community would grow and grow with a stable platform.

thanks for reading if you are. 🙂

Second match of my CCL season I disconnected on my turn 8. No graphic flickers or similar warnings. Wireless connection. First game after a boot up and watched a replay first. If you need more info let me know and will try and get a standard DC report format for you guys.

Just had a crash. My opponent looked like his Internet had gone down (waiting for opponent message come up bottom left) then I black screened and went back to dash board. And it counted as a concede against me. I'm disappointed. 5 played 1 crash. How can one hope to match the top page when the game is on the rocks?

Two other people reported DC on our Facebook group at pretty much same time stamp. But not sure they'll post here.

One just quit CCL I think.

Talk to me please. I'd like to know what you need to know.

Just had my Xbox turn off after a freeze during team Creation screen I was searching for a game in champs ladder at the same time, Luckily I was not Loading into a game so it did not give me a DC.

Honestly... this is insane. Just had a dude dc in the middle of my turn. I want to have a chance at getting better, but that ain't gonna happen if folk keep crashing. And by the sheer volume of it, safe to say it's more of a game issue than one caused by the player.

I’ve just had a disconnect in ccl

Be nice if someone responded to this thread.

Hi all,

We're aware of the disconnect issues and have passed it on for the dev team to look into. Thanks for raising the issues to us.

I’ve disconnected again

DC today. Bout an hour ago. Private league playoff.

Complete Xbox shutdown. Post inducements, pre-game. I'm on 3 for this season now having only had 1 on identical setup last season.

Ccl. Disconnect at inducements. Your opponent is disconnected. Awaiting reconnection. 51 seconds....nope dashboard. 2 DCs in less than 10 games now.

Make that 3 actually. 2 In ccl. 1 in private league

Who do I see about a refund? The money I spent on this game I feel is wasted. I'll happily exchange legendary edition on xbox for legendary on PC at this point.

Dashboard as soon as landed on inducement screen. 4 crashes in 15 games. All a bit different so multiple instabilities / bugs at a guess...