PTS Update 28/07/2020

Hey everyone!

We hope you've been enjoying the early version of Patch 7! Thanks so much for the reports we've seen so far.

We've put together an update with a number of fixes and improvements. Please keep letting us know of any issues you run into, or if any of the points below persist.

Note: We are aware of a critical bug in this build, but the team is working on a solution. The bug is that the Loading Markers on the minimap (arrow up) are not displayed for tasks/contracts.

Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug when available truck info on a global map was incorrect for some players
  • Tweaked garage entrance zone on Imandra
  • Ongoing camera set up for interior customization
  • Fixed a problem when players were unable to change bindings for the winch pull


  • Improved dirt particles shading


  • Trials UI polishing
  • Added icons for new cargo types in Imandra


  • Fixed a bug when Lost in the Wilderness trial was not completed if the last quest truck was drawn with winch while the player is already in the delivery zone


  • Tweaked front wheels positioning for Voron Grad, Voron D-53233 and Tayga 6436
  • Improved steering angle for Western Star 6900 TwinSteer
  • Updated unlocks set up for Tuz 108 Warthog


  • Fixed recovery in co-op
  • Fixed a bug when cargo was duplicated if client restarted task in co-op while the host is on another map

Game Editor:

  • Fixed brushes UI getting stuck sometimes
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Glad to see you guys responding seriously. I want to know if the new game+ is already in your list of future improvements.Compared to letting players waste time on the map needlessly, new games+ is a more friendly and effective way.I think it is absolutely exciting to return to the old map with all the experience and upgrade parts.

Pour quand le volant thrustmaster xbox one ses du foutage de gueule remboursé

I'm still having trouble with the LAN co-op on pc.

What is dirt particle shader? Can you put some comparison image?

Kolob 74760 and azov 73210 needs more ground clearance.

will we be getting another truck in patch 7.0 or is the warthog the only new one

will you guys ever support shifters like the Thrustmaster TH8A?

When I sell a roof rack I can't exit the customizing shop. I have to use Alt-F4 since nothing else works.

@blackjack00 Yes a new game+ is exactly what we all want. I'd like it to have double cargo requirements.

@Jellyfoosh said in PTS Update 28/07/2020:

Tweaked front wheels positioning for Voron Grad, Voron D-53233 and Tayga 6436

I did not mention front wheels for Tayga in my report.
Front wheels track for Voron Grad, Voron D-53233 are still wider then single rear track and it is visible. It was not fixed.
Selling anything in the garage cause the game to become unresponsive. The only outcome Alt+F4.
Not very good update.

@gk1pztrk For sure my man, those trucks are awesome and need more love.

While in garage the game got stuck. This was observed multiple times. Probably when I tried to sell stuff. Kindly check the same. Will add further observations.

Have there been plans in the PTS for the Ford F750 CrewCab to get the engines fixed? I don't recall seeing something akin to engine values being fixed.

@High-Maintenance they have mentioned about the new engine upgrade on Imandra but no mention on the existing engines but they need looking at as there are the same.i hope this is a bug or mistake time will tell

I know the PTS is PC only, but have you fixed the bug on PS4 where the client always instantly disconnects when delivering any cargo in co-op? All cargo, maps, and trucks currently have this bug. Then cargo counts as completed for the host but client is always kicked and has to reconnect.

I really want to play that game but this 3 annoying issues still ingame from day 1 !!! I hope this YEAR to be fixed! Nobody talks about this and nobody care because are playing in 3th person ! But people who goes SIck in 3th peson View ... are enjoying games in First Person and unfortunatly in this game the first person have insane issues who force me to not play the game at all. Its not enjoyible if you see this all the time! I cant understand why the DEVS still without fixing it its SO OBVIOUS and ANNOYING!

@BG-Skech bottom layout is fixed in 7.0. Now you can choose to show only wheel. The problem is that it may affect your keyboard controls (for crane) as it appear to be the same problem as disable HUD and you won't be able to change gears. Somehow in the game you can't press what is not highlighted as bottom advice.
Hands animation is better now, but I also prefer the option to disable the hands and steering wheel in cockpit view, like we have in other car games.
Unfortunately, I don't think any of this things are going to happen in Snowrunner. The DEV team is really struggling through more serious problems. PTS 7.1 is totally broken. And they also have new content to do.
In fact, I am afraid that the game can be completely abandoned soon. Look at new Epic EULA. They completely waived any liability for content quality and availability. They can close the project at any time and not giving back a penny, and nobody can sue them for that. Or you accept it and risk your money, or go play something else.
Very bad and sick logic. Snowrunner is definitely the first and the last game I am buying from Epic and Focus.

@Tigron said in PTS Update 28/07/2020:

Very bad and sick logic. Snowrunner is definitely the first and the last game I am buying from Epic and Focus.

Small story, there once was a boy in a land far away, long forgotten and he made a game, he made a mad bad game where one could not complete missions, but his game was unique, his game was Spintires.

Now, at some point this teenager sold his game to MudRunner, MudRunner came out with a lot of the problems that SpinTires had and they were angry and disappointed ~ they held back payment for the games that was already on Steam as MudRunner.

Soon players experienced landmines where one's truck and cargo was destroyed, literally blown up. A total outcry pursued and the previous boy admitted that he had booby-trapped the game as insurance against theft and non payments, said boy seemingly had a lot of payment disputes.

Anyway MudRunner never got over the problem and on Steam became a dead duck ~ it was sold.

🙂 I see a bit of deja vu

@Jellyfoosh said in PTS Update 28/07/2020:


Tweaked ...
Improved ...
Updated unlocks set up for Tuz 108 Warthog

Can anyone explain that to me? I already wrote in a thread:

How is it to be understood that you now need rank 26 for the "active suspension", but you can still find the "active suspension" as an upgrade?
When I'm rank 26 I have it and don't need the upgrade anymore!