MudRunner - February Community Update

Hello all!

As was stated in the last update post where we announced The Valley, we're going to be doing a monthly community update for MudRunner, to let you know what we're working on, what to expect soon, and some other cool things!

To start, it's not been that long since The Valley released on February 13th, but we're very happy to see so many players enjoying the map and the three new vehicles that we added to the game at this time. What has been your favourite part of The Valley so far?

We have a little treat for you all today, in addition to all the news below. We've noticed that some players have been making their own navigation maps and that these have been made using screenshots of the fully explored map screen, or in some cases hand drawn. We understand that this is something that many of you would like to do, and so we've packaged all the map images, in high resolution, for you to print off and make navigation maps with. Please enjoy!

The maps can be found here!


Now, the bit that you've all been waiting for, what we're working on! There's actually a lot going on with MudRunner right now, all of it in various stages of development, and not much of it that we can actively talk about at the moment. With that said, we can specifically say some things that we're working on and aim to have out this year.

We're currently working on an additional update coming out early this year that we currently expect to include workshop map support, as well as some other cool new features!

As well as this, yes, MudRunner USA (work-in-progress title) is currently in development, and we aim to have this out this year. It will, of course, be set in the United States. We understand that a large part of the MudRunner community are based in the United States, and would like to support them with content that is a little bit more familiar. We're also looking into licensing official vehicles for this.

In addition to MudRunner USA, we're continuing to explore the options of adding mods to the console versions of the game. We love the modding communities for MudRunner, and thank them for their enthusiasm in continuing to help us make MudRunner the best game it can be. We continue to currently look into the possibility to add some of our favourite mods into the console versions of MudRunner as DLC.


Finally, a Nintendo Switch version of MudRunner is currently being worked on. We don't have much more to say about this right now, but it is coming, and we'll have more news about it in the future!

In conclusion, we're working on a lot of different things currently, all of which will come later in the year! We'll have more news on these individually as the year progresses.

Thanks, and talk to you soon!

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That's cool news. Will Mudrunner USA a new game or a DLC?

nice, maps in workshop is so necessary and happy that y guys are trying to get it done! cant wait for next update
any news about next dlc date (not usa dlc)?
and also is there gonna be stability updt to fix stuff up?

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@ren007nix Currently a DLC, but as it's still very heavily in development, nothing is set in stone.

@zamal The maps in the workshop will be party of the next DLC, but we don't have a date for that yet.

is what I also think, I once read in this forum someone suggesting that they add maps created by users, verified by you and giving credit to the creator, however, this is a good sign of your interest for console users as me and again I'm excited for what the future prepares us☺

Eh, tracked vehicles?? Snow?? 😞

@iyagovos ty, also is usa DLC gnna be paid? or u literally cant say a word about it

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All those kinds of details are still to be decided

I'm glad to know that the game is going in the right direction.💚💛💙👏

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How much will this DLC be?

all sounds good, but i am curious as to why these "maps" were uploaded to a third party site. why not host them here on the forum? i guess i couldmake another account on another site for this, but silly imo since these should be hosted here on the forum for download. maybe it is just me though. 😕

Sounds cool. You talked about licensed trucks, does that mean that the facelifted trucks will be replaced with the real ones? There is one thing you should do to the game, synchronise the multiplayer game so that other players deform the ground on your screen as well.

@8up-local You don't need any new accounts to download those maps. But yeah, seems more logical to host them here maybe.

@rinofagerlund Licensed trucks were in the context of US DLC, so no, I think we can assume that's not the case.

@OP Looking forward to this!

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@lombra well, it sure is not exactly just a simple click the link for download. i admit i jumped the gun a bit when i saw no download to click and only this " To continue, please agree to our Terms of Service and Cookie Policy." i figured it was going to be another site i would have to make an account for. also i find it funny since have never had to agree to a Terms of Service for a free download before.

@rinofagerlund said in Spintires: MudRunner - February Community Update:


i dont think they will change anything about current game but if they get license USA DLC will have 100% accurate representation of trucks. and agree with MP and also whenever u dont sit in truck it appears that shadow casting is disabled if there was option added which we could turn on so shadow is casted on every truck instead of casting it on only one we using that would be good otherwise it breaks immersion

Good news.Please add realistic interior,mirror and TrackIR 5 I love the game 🙂
Sorry my english 😞

Good news, thanks for the heads up.
I just hope that the next update / DLC will have a beta-test,
so that we can catch and solve problems before official release.

Also an update post with specific changes would be nice for those who are interested like me. 😁

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