MudRunner - February Community Update

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Can anyone help me get mods for spin tires for console

i believe thats impossible as of today

@legoman0479 no, buy a pc then buy the game again. I'm sorry..

impossible, maybe a miracle happens one day, who knows?šŸ™

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@iyagovos Iā€™m from the Usa, I love the game very much. no issues since I bought it, happy to hear news about all the new things, Iā€™m just wishing for better recall vehicles to drive around in with more ground clearance and a little engine upgrades thank you very much

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When are the updates coming and is there any way to put heavy equipment such as bulldozer and Rock trucks

@knight25 UNIMOGS! Definitely would be something else to see with this game

You said console mods are coming but its beem about over a year or so and no console mods im saying right now im disappointed

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You said console mods are coming but its beem about over a year or so and no console mods im saying right now im disappointed

Thread necromancy (along with failure to find/use the search function). This topic has been beaten to death, resurrected, and then beaten to death again in several other threads (including the one PINNED AT THE TOP OF THIS SECTION) in this forum FFS... šŸ˜ 

Here's the link, if you still can't be bothered to find it on your own...

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When is mods coming to mudrunner Xbox one

@mreshay56 lol, im afraid its not coming friend

I honestly think that if this games is based upon logging it should stay with it I think it would be great to add a sawhead,a d-limber, and a loader to be able to do all the stuff you get to do in real life.... just givung an idea I guess but good luck to the new game

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Hello all!

We've noticed that some players have been making their own navigation maps and that these have been made using screenshots of the fully explored map screen, or in some cases hand drawn. We understand that this is something that many of you would like to do, and so we've packaged all the map images, in high resolution, for you to print off and make navigation maps with. Please enjoy!

The maps can be found here!

Wow, so that was the source of hq map files, founded by me at wikimaps!
Im one of mentioned above players!

Dear Focus, can we get update for dlc maps (ridge and all past dlcs)?

@Jellyfoosh, please check is possible to get maps (see above) for such crazy like me:
alt text