Water Reflection (PTS 7.1 - 10.4)

This screenshot was taken on PTS 7.1 so I have not verified if this still exists. But in the screenshot below, you can see I've outlined what looks like a skinny antenna or tower that reflects onto the water but no visual of an antenna/tower exists on the horizon. This was taken on the south end of Imandra facing west.


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This visual discrepancy is still present in 10.4

Hello, thank you for the report.
Can you send us your DxDiag file and the storage folder?
To get it, display the Run dialog using Windows+R, type dxdiag and tap OK. Then, you could save your dxdiag as .txt file and attach it to the reply.
You can find storage PTS folder here: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\SnowRunnerBeta\base\storage\

@rudeborya I will email those and tag.

However, I forgot to mention that this is only visible when switching the time to "morning".