Customisation ui doesn't load properly/at all FIXED PTS 7.3

It seem that a lot of customisation menu asset are having some trouble when called.

It will result in black screen or just the truck in the garage without any ui, controller and keyboard mouse input are disabled.

Only solution is to use alt+f4 to quit the game.
custo garage ui.jpg

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I have same problem too. I have only black screen. I must use Alt+F4..


Same problem, constantly goes black.

Same for me. When I press "Customise" the screen goes to black with only the map ID still showing, no matter the map or the vehicle. Has been that way since the most recent patch, worked fine before.
I tried importing a new save file to see if there was some issue on that end, but that changed nothing at all.

Same here. Customization UI broke when I updated the PTS to 7.2
Reinstall does not work
Verify Files through Epic launcher does not work
Save game transfer does not work
It appears as if the update broke it.

@Raphael Same. Coop or not. All customization is bugged/ broken seemingly in PTS. Can only use trucks the way they are outfitted in their present state or the game locks up hopelessly.

Yep, this update totally broke one of the main function of the game... can't custom any vehicle so can't play anymore.

Same here. Also the the crane mode has gone worst. When i play with G29 the camera is spinnig around like crazy and the crane legend hide button (H and driving wheel button arrow up) in the driving wheel is one of the same button than controls the crane so it just come back. Very annoying. Why you can not add in the main menu to hide the crane legend. I can not believe this is not fixed yet. The camera angle is already quite bad and the crane control legend covers half of the screen. Seems like it just go worst after every update...

And the truck sounds are terrible! Add the radio in the trucks at least if the sounds are not going to be any better. It just looping the same 😃

Same issue as well . Same thing happens when you choose preview. This breaks the game. Legitimately can't play because of this.

You should fk them and let them fix the damn game by their own! Every new so called update brings hundred of new problems... never seen such a messed up game 4 month after the release... they have to fix simple issues but instead they bring loads of new ones... some so severe you cant even play the game anymore.. waste of time... i give up playing weeks ago and lost all hope it will be a proper game this year... pitty...

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Same here...
Blackscreen Customisation ui!

Plz Fix this.

Agreed. Customisation in any garage with any vehicle is unusable. Causes hard crash. PTS 7.2. Win 10 v2004, i7, GeForce RTX 2080.

same here crashes for me too luckily alot of people have this problem and are reporting it so hopefully soon this be fixed

Same for me,no chance to Customize my Trucks.

Perhaps this info can help
Customization is still available and not buggy (for me at least) with ANK MK38 and VORON AE-4380
I'm still trying with other trucks but didn't find another so far.