Ranking Broken for Private Servers! Reset my rank to 0!!


I mostly play on a private server. Sometimes with other people but mostly with bots. It's how I like the game.

My issue is every time I play my Rank is reset to 0. I can NEVER keep my ranking because as soon as a bot enters a game it resets me to ZERO!

And with this new patch that I MUST be a certain rank to unlock a class this is getting ridiculous!!

I want to be able to play any class on private servers with bots but I can't even keep any rank. I don't want to play multiplayer.

Please fix this ASAP! Or roll back the rank requirements for classes so those of us who love this game but only play with bots can still enjoy it.

I have over 85 hours in this game per Steam and my rank is ZERO 0!!!

This needs to be fixed!!!!

the ranking is not broken; maybe the server you play on is ...
i am running various private community servers and i can assure you that the ranking works.
check it out on or any other listed under www.bahzooga.com ...

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