Suggestion: unexpected events (bad luck moments)


It would be nice to have “bad luck” moments in the game. The easiest one I can think of, is the truck that breaks down (*). Or even a fuel leak ? And why not a crane/grabber that breaks down while operating it ?

Another “bad luck” event would be a tree fall blocking a trail, for example to block a path and get the player to use different trails. Or maybe a fall of big rocks (from a cliff, not the sky :)) that blocks a trail ? We don’t necessary have to see these trees or rocks falling (although it would be really nice) : this can happen when we are not around.

The trees could be different sizes : small ones that can be pulled by medium trucks (C class or bigger), medium one that can be only pulled by big trucks (K700, D and E class), and big ones that cannot be removed. Or maybe a tree that can only be removed with a crane or a grabber ?
It can also simply be a tree/rocks that just cannot be moved and become an invisible fence (just like the gates that can currently block loaded trucks).

To me (but I am not a dev) : the biggest challenge of implementing these events is to create the scenarios that trigger them. You need to have conditions, and these need to be easily setup by map creators…

Conditions could be as simple as “the first (or second or third) time you drive in this area, the engine breaks down”. Or it could be slightly smarter such as “in this area, if truck heavily loaded and at full power for XX seconds, engine breaks down”.
A fuel leak could happen in a rock garden or dead tree garden (damage on fuel tank or fuel line could be reasons for fuel leaks) for example.

I think it would add a lot to the game. More challenge, and some mishaps. Because currently, once you found the quickest/easiest trail that links the loading station to the sawmills, it’s just a matter of driving that trail as much as necessary to fill the sawmills… Adding some unexpected events would add a bit more thrill.

(*) The truck breaking down event actually happened to me on a mod map, so maybe it’s something that already exists ? I was hauling 6 points of logs, in a C class truck, and during a big climb, a perfectly fine truck got approximately 80% of damage. I was pretty slow in that steep climb so the damage was very unlikely from a tree or rock hit. Playing in hardcore, that meant a loss of power, engine stalling, etc… I had to repair the truck ! I don’t know if it was a bug or something triggered, but it really happened at the right time (truck heavily loaded in a steep climb -> full power for a long time) and made this really realistic ! I kinda enjoyed it 🙂

No "game over" RNG. That's awful gameplay and not a "challenge". Maybe if your truck is heavily damaged.

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