Unable to find aircraft parts on Imandra map

I have scanned with the metal detector all around the area where they're supposed to be several times but I was only able to find the fuselage.
For some reason the wings won't show up for me.

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distance to the parts seems to be smaller for the wing section (assume that they are smaller and give out a weaker signal) but you will get a beep when close. It takes some scanning with your eyes and the detector but they are out there.

@Beefalo-Bart I know they're out there but I have driven around the edge of the water like 5 times scanning with the metal detector and scanning the water with my eyes and I still can't find the wings.
I guess I'll just have to mark this contract as "not completed".

And regarding the beep you mention: The metal detector is not the same as the seismic vibration unit, it doesn't beep when you get close.

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I add post about all places of airplane parts. I think that is solution for you. You can look.

Happy gaming.. 😉

I will be streaming tonight on getting them, and thought about showing the locations for a youtube video. I stream this game almost every day from 9pm to midnight EST.

Thanks for all the replies. I saw a Youtube video a few days ago and after that I was able to find the wings and complete the contract and with that also the Imandra map.

After doing this and the scout car mission at least a half dozen times or so. I can go right to the locations and get the parts without the metal detector module lol. But I do remember that first time and driving around that cursed lake lol scanning and scanning .........