Anyone tested mods in co op?

So i've searched for public games and while there's only a very few, none has mods enabled. I tried creating a co op and enable mods but even after quite some time there was 0 people that joined. So is anyone actually testing this?

HI, I played a 3way MP session lastnight mods enabled with no issues hope this helps.

We are also using COOP with my son ever day, with many mods, without any problem.
The only problem is the VPN need in same network.

@liszkai Tested it with a streamer the other day and it appeared to work fine.

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I have used mods in Coop on and off stream with up to 3 others in the game. Though we are smart enough to form a conversation and list of approved vehicles for the streams since all 4 of us were streaming to our own channels at the same time. Mods worked just as good as they do solo.