I have ran into a few glitches and bugs and so has my friend that i play co-op with. I will list in category so developers can easily sort thru this.

Visual glitches:
#1 Smithville dam. Found seperation texture issues in the mud on some of the smaller trails but especially down by the water front areas.
#2 vehicle tires clipping thru vehicle addons/fenders (no mods at all installed)
Gmc mh9500 the heavy crane add on in restored position is clipping into the tire on back left corner (i have raised suspension)
#3 tuz 16 acteaon. Mud tire clipping into rear fenders with stock suspension.

Gameplay: (this is a long one)
Found several issues linked to one event that we are having. My friend is host, i am joining, he has it set to private. I will get the connection error symbol in the top right hand corner of my screen and then it will transfer to his name/icon in the player list and will occasionally swap or happen again or go away all together during the game. But we have found that whenever he is hosting and his game soft crashes and returns him to main menu screen and it does me as well cuz i have lost connection to host it cause several glitches to happen.
#1 winch glitch. Quick winch only thing that works. Cant select specific winch from and too points and soft locks me in that winch point selection screen (changing vehicles and switching back fixes it) only temporary untill i do it again and quick winch makes pull winch constant even though me nor him are pushing the button.
#2 refueling and repairing. If we log right back into and go back at like we were no matter the vehicle or trailer cant repair or refuel to full status. Not eben fuel station. Only a particular repair or refuel or none at all.
#note. After soft crash if we close application and restart glitch goes away if it present or doesnt occur due to us doing this as a precaution to having it happen in past
#3 trailer issue. We had run a experiment on my frined side. We wanted to see if a trailer i had bought on my side would stay if i logged out (well it didnt but that not the issue) the issue is when i logged back in it shows i have that trailer bought and in storage but cant pull it out nor sell it for my money back.
#4 mission/task issues. Dealing with soft crashing again. If me as guest in his sever if i am carring task cargo (we experienced this with 2 tasks in smithville dam area. The oil barrels and the cement tasks.) And the game soft crashs then that cargo is immediately lost. The only way we have found to obtain said cargo to complete it is too restart to task all over again.
#4.5 i found one issue and i think it may be isolated incident i had flipped a truck (with the single cargo slot) with the cargo in back unpacked. Well i went to rescue it with another truck and went to right the truck and cargo fell all the way out and i decided to recover said flipped truck once all the cargo was out and away from truck well when i did recover and switched back to said location in the other vehicle the cargo was go and nowhere to be found on map. Even the task only showed 3 barrels for pick but wanted 4 delivered.
#5 truck duplication? Not sure honestly. Tuz 16 "actaeon" was doing some customization and toke off rear fenders in preparation for the bigger mud tires and all i did was remove and sell rear fenders and retain the truck. Next time i wentninto storage i noticed i had 2 indentcal tuz 16 except one difference the rear fenders. Tried to replicate the event to get itnto happen again for bug reporting but could not get it to happen again.

Wonderful game devs. Hope yall can get a soltion to all the bugs ur having reported too you.