That Tree

Get rid of that tree. You know which one I am talking about. The one tree on Imandra that blocks the road and cannot be pushed out of the way. I can live with the other ANNOYANCE sections of road and come up with alternate ways about. But that one tree just pushes things a bit too far. There is a Trifecta of annoyance within 100m section of road. That tree, the rocks on the road and the deep snow/mud pit. Having all 3 so close together makes that annoying, and is not even considerable for being a challenge.

You can bypass the tree, same for the snow pit, also you can have a back up truck with fuel on strategic emplacement.

A normal tree, it lives here, why offend?

AND, the more you traverse it, the worse it gets, now even my big Cat gets stuck and needs a heavy lift or crane and I too am now bypassing this area ~ though I am now moving to the South so won't be back until I play on my base game with official release.

I have shown in my streams a way to get around it with ease (sort of) that going one direction is not a major ordeal but the other direction can be tricky. But the combo of it and then 2 more bad parts within 100m apart is just annoying and not acceptable. It's a fine line between a challenge and annoying and it's crossed that line.

Going towards the garage from the trailer store. Place your passenger front tire on the rock, ease forward and over and your good. Same thing the other direction but will require winching. I will NEVER use the mud pit to its side as that is nothing but a winchfest and waste of time.

Point remains, that tree needs to be removed or able to be pushed out of the way. It crosses the line with its location and proximity to other hazzard areas.

Agreed. People in Russia, like everywhere else, have axes and even chain saws.

Also, with the amount of gravel and small rocks in Imadra, there is no reason
to fill that pit between the rocks. Also why would the drillers that made that
pit make it so deep it accumulates mud?
There has to be some common sense.

I have done pit construction and its common practice to drill wells around the pit to draw water from the ground to prevent hydraulic soil saturation. And with the fact of there already being 25k rocks on the road, and mud/water holes in the road. Why did we need a tree blocking the road to add insult to injury.

Burn it with fire. Get rid of the tree.......