Mods in co op needs redesign.

Mods in co op, hell yeah, this is gonna be awesome!!!
Let me just stop you right there.

  • When you join a co op with mods you have to permanently subscribe to their mods. It's not just a temp subscription. Cluttering your mods menu and account to a point where you can't find anything.

  • Your mods don't follow. It is only the hosts mods.

  • When you quit, it does not ask if you want to keep the mods or delete them, meaning you'll have to do that manually, every time.

  • There's no option to hide downloaded mods from the store.
    If you play with 3 different private hosts or play public co op on a regular basics you might end up with hundreds of mods, cluttering your store.


  • Allow client mods in co op. How would this work? Everyone gets a popup and allows download, just as clients allows download from host. Like region change in co op, when downloads are finished, host and clients reloads the map and everyone's mods are now enabled.

  • By default, mods from other players are hidden from the store, and you manually enabled those you like. Button in store "Show/hide mods", mods are filtered by users.

  • Make the subscriptions temporary, ask users on exit if the want to keep or delete the mods. With option to "never keep and never ask", and option to "keep only those you choose to "show in store"".

Otherwise good work so far.

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You should not want clients to have authority over server files (see GTA Online as an example of why this is a bad idea).

Host enforcing files and mods is common practice, iirc you have the option to decline download and disconnect from the server. (nor Steam Workshop) remove files, be it subscribed or not, so rip.
Would be cool if devs using these would do a cleanup from time to time however them APIs not removing old content has its reason.

@Arc "You should not want clients to have authority over server files (see GTA Online as an example of why this is a bad idea)."
I do not know what you mean. All downloads go through, so how would that ever be the case?

" (nor Steam Workshop) remove files, be it subscribed or not, so rip."
That's up to saber. They can force remove the files and the subscription from the menu. There's buttons to disable and unsubscribe from mods, they can activate those without user interference.

"Host enforcing files and mods is common practice, iirc you have the option to decline download and disconnect from the server."
I'm not sure what you mean. Yes, you have an option to decline. But when choosing "connect to a friend" and choose "allow mods" i don't know why you'd decline. Maybe a public host?

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1st, BE HAPPY that we can get mods in multiplayer. Its amazing fun and I am greatful.
2nd, Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Before deciding to play with friends using mods. It is so easy to pick which mod trucks your going to actually be using. What I do for my group is that I only have a certain set of very usable trucks we play with. List was agreed upon by the group so I posted and pinned an image of the approved mod list.

alt text

I posted and pinned that image on my discord and the discord of the guys/gals that will be joining so they are already using those mods. Any others just click the OFF button so they won't be a problem.

After that we can join any one of our group members games and NO PROBLEMS. we play we enjoy and all is good.

@Beefalo-Bart While this works for private co op, it does not for public.

Who plays PUBLIC coop with mods lol that's just begging for issues. OMG yeah if you don't have a solid group to play with, go be social on Twitch with the streamers, you will find great like minded people to play with. I stream almost every day on SnowRunner, as do some other GREAT guys and gals. Come watch my streams and even if you don't like me, I will give you some names to go watch that you may like. We all play daily and now we play coop with mods.

Sorry if that sounded rude, but just don't play public coop with mods and you won't have the problems you stated being an issue. Be thankful we get any ability to play coop with mods.

@Beefalo-Bart Just don't play public co op is not an argument as long as it's part of the game. If it's a feature, people will use it. If you try you'll find there's tons of public games available. There's really no reason why mods can't work both ways. It's one way now and that's fine, have to start somewhere.

There's also no reason why the subscription has to be permanent, especially for public co op games. If i play with a friend who subs to everything once every two weeks, why am i either required to permanently store those 107 mods he has, or manually unsubscribe from all 107 manually once every two weeks. Makes no sense when downloading those ~4gb takes less than 2 min.
What about a year from now when there's 10 times as many mods available.

"Be thankful we get any ability to play coop with mods." Mmmyeah, that doesn't mean people should stop sharing their ideas. You don't know if there's a dev thinking "i didn't think of that" or "we could do this or that".

Again I extended an olive branch to get you in with people to play with. And a way to not deal with ending up with some kid who just went thru and subbed to every mod in the page just to be a troll.

I play daily in coop and with mods. Join a discord, hit twitch streams to meet new people to play with. Lots of great offers to keep you from having to play with randoms if you have no friends that play the game.

I am sure your suggestion was seen and noted by devs, and once they get time to look into that feature, I'm sure they will decide if its valid at that time. The Devs are doing an amazing job on a game thats new to the market.

From a developers point of view, your suggestions are quite good. I log suggestions from myself and others as I am working on a project. And when I get stumped sometimes I will hit that suggestion list, see whats quick to make. And then do it which sometimes will clear my mind to get back to important problems.

I get salty at times when I see kids with no development knowledge complain about features in a game and they have no clue how they actually work. Maybe I should stop reading these uneducated complaint threads.

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@Beefalo-Bart At this point i don't even know who you're talking to.

The reason i ignored your "olive branch" was because it was irrelevant to the thread. I take the way other players might play the game into consideration, looking beyond my own nose. You might even say a holistic viewpoint, instead of only focusing on my self.

Maybe they take note, maybe they don't. I will probably never know, but at least i tried, that's better than nothing. If we don't make suggestions whatever they're good or bad, the devs would have no way of knowing what changes, features etc. would interest the playerbase.

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Sorry for feeling sorry for you having to play with randoms with mods. Was offering to help you find friends which you really need. Guess you just want to complain about everything. be well and best of luck to you.

@Beefalo-Bart I think you need a different hobby. Hopefully you'll find that doesn't work on this forum.

I understand that some people yearn for a connection and will seek it out anywhere. But the test server feedback section isn't really the place. Hiding behind the "oh you just wanna complain" is cute and all. But sad. If you really need help i'd be more than happy to provide it, but you should really reach out to someone close to you if possible instead of a random person on the internet.

As i'm unsure if you ignored the OP, just didn't get the hints or came here in an attempt to stir something up. I'll clarify for you. When i make suggestions i view the potential issue from many sides, not just from a egotistical point of view and only focus on what i want, disregard that others might do things differently and only my way of doing it is the right way.
That's why i mention public co op scenarios. I personally don't really play public co op. But not everyone has someone to play with, not everyone has gamer friends, some people have really skewed work hours and is only able to play when either people are sleeping or at work. And 100 other reasons.
Again, i think beyond my own little world and consider how this impacts others, hence my suggestions to better the experience for multiple parties.

Feedback and suggestions is the purpose of this sub-forum.

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