Champion Ladder Season XIII begins now!

Hey Coaches,

Champion Ladder Season XIII of the Cabalvision Official League has now started!
Compete for a spot in the Champion Cup and its €950 prize pool - may Nuffle be with you!

Congratulations to our 3 new champions:

  • Crucifer on PC with "How to make a smoothie" (Chaos Dwarf)
  • Svetsor on Xbox One with "Join the joyride" (Chaos)
  • Arzowane_5 on PS4 with "[UC] Atrapasueños" (Nurgle) for an incredible back to back victory!


Champion Ladder season XIII ends Wednesday 4th April 2018 at 12:00PM (Paris Time)

A few useful links for the Champion Ladder Season XIII:

Have fun on the pitch,
Cyanide Studio & Focus Home Interactive

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Ok So game 1 in col game crashes turn 9 I lose
Game 2 col opponent disconnected turn 7 I lose Wtf 🤣 new Xbox never lose connection I'm 20 yards from the exchange with an 80/20 service just what is happening at cyanide studios... Do you need 50p for the meter sort it out fools.😡😡