Using shifter with steering wheel

Plz csn some1 give me some info on how the use low range 1,2,3 on shifter plz.

Its sooo annoying having to use control pad to swap to low range and be able to use diff lock etc on hardcore..

Thank youuuuu

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Sadly, game doesn't support low/high range.
If you have shifter, it is like regular car, just some trucks have fewer gears...

Oh... thats abit poo..

Need to defo have that option... like when using the left paddle to activate view change, lights n horn.. be able to use the shifter to select low 1,2,3 that would be brilliant..

No point really using the wheel if u cannt use low range etc

@chri51808 now there may be slight differences overall, but basicly all controls have throttle control, so it still boils down to throttle application. a gear 1 is still a gear 1, barring differences in gearing ratios gear 1 or 1 auto, vehicles should drive the same. now i do not use a wheel so there may be more to it, but really i do not see how it could be all that different in throttle application than the other types.

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Eh... Now I am confused...
Game does support manual gearchanging with shifter, just no low and high range... If you have shifter, you definitely can use it.

For high range I just shove it into second gear. For low I use first gear. For those really low traction environments where you are still getting wheelspin in first, if you have a clutch you can ride that to reduce wheel revolutions even further, although the modelling is not perfect as the truck will try to stall if you depress the clutch pedal too far. Then you have to depress the clutch all the way to counter the stall mechanic and reaquire the bite point.

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