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Any word on number of players per match? 2v2 is fun, first game I loved. But can't justify buying sequel unless it's more than 2 players on a team.

Hi,everyone!Will nova canon get a buff in BFG2?In the fluff it is a very inaccurate but very strong weapon,one shot of it was enough to kill one tyranid hive mothership and damage another.In tabletop game on very lucky shot it was possible to take 1/2 of battleship in one shot.As it is now in Armada it is very inaccurate and very weak (does only 100 damage every 60 seconds and most of the ships are fast enough to move away from 200 damage zone). It would be nice to see nova that does around 350-400 damage to all in the radius but even less accurate than it is now to compensate it. Most of ships have 2-3 shots of this weapon per 1 match anyway,and given the shields and inaccuracy it won’t be game breaking.

Also I think that 400 damage to all in the radius but 120 seconds reload should be fine. All ships can cross 19000 void units in 120 seconds even without using all ahead full,so to fire the second time you should be able to maneuver well and position your ships for the second (and likely last shot).Given that most ships have upgraded shields (so 200-300 sp) it won’t be a problem to face even 2-3 inaccurate novas. This will make the game a lot more interesting because now I only play torpedo spam fleet because bombers and novas are weak.This makes game repetitive and boring.

no more op novas
we dont need imps to be as broken as orks
just no
it was tried in beta and it was horrible

Any chance for Battlefleet Gothic coming to the consoles (PS4/Xbox One)?

@gascogne said in Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions:

Any chance for Battlefleet Gothic coming to the consoles (PS4/Xbox One)?

I wouldn't dare to answer this for sure, but judging from the UI design on the German gameplay video, I'd say probably not. It doesn't look conducive to a controller's layout.

For what it's worth, the last game ran just fine on my PC, and I had a fairly weak PC overall. I'm sure any computer you have at your house will run it fine, provided you've got a GPU.

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