Thank you for adding warnings about cargo loss both when recovering and changing module in garage! But since a lot of people never read what they are told, you have to be very cautious now especially with quest cargo.
For test purposes I was able to destroy even both armored cars in Imandra like this. I predict a lot of nagging about lost cargo and the tasks that cannot be restart.

The best solution will be like this:

  • If you have cargo and recover, it will ask you to destroy cargo or drop the cargo where you currently are. For quest cargo "destroy cargo" option will reset the cargo to its initial location.
  • In case the module is changed in the garage, the cargo will stay in the garage and should become loadable. Let's say, I bring one of the mentioned armored cars into garage. I changed the module to something else (for example fuel tank) and left the garage. So the armored card will be in the garage storage.
    Then I take any other truck or even a trailer. I come to the garage exit zone (or maybe new separate garage loading zone) and just load it like I would do with any other normal cargo.

No terminal cargo loss. Everybody is happy. The solution is very easy to program and it will save you from a lot of nagging.

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