PTS Update 17/08/2020

@daniel0220 Hey! 🙂 Yesterday there was update 8.0, could you please check on your side if the problem still occurs and send us new KSIVA? We added some parameters for better diagnosing. Many thanks in advance for you help and time 🙂

@enovikova Hello! no change, but if I give more help I give the KSIVA of my own machine and the KSIVA of another machine on the same network as well! Mine KSIVA: p:be0d4 is the other KSIVA: p:ce809 ! When will it be ready because we haven't played with it since its release!

It does not connect to the server, so it does not enter the charging screen, but only shows the background of the main menu, it starts to connect but does not connect but disappears, all that remains is the wallpaper, then after a while it throws back into the menu!

@enovikova Hi!
I am a network engineer equiped with the neccesary HW and SW tool to debug the lan coop bug.

We play with my son almost every day in COOP, the VPN is the only way to get it working.

If I can help testing or debugging the LAN coop feature, please inform me. I have my own VPN service,
so we can take almost any network monitoring.

@liszkai Thanks you for your assistance suggestion! We will get back to you in case our devs need this kind of tests.

@daniel0220 Hey, we just checked new KSIVAS and we found that they are from previous update. We added new parameters there so we could better diagnose the problem, that is why we would need KSIVAs from 8.0 or 8.1 update. So if you have opportunity to get them, that would be helpful! Cheers 🙂

I do not understand. Updated to game 8.1, then I'm writing new KSIVAs. mine KSIVA: p:e4999 and the other machine KSIVA: p:f9dcf

@enovikova What's wrong with all this? Why can't we finally play? Why is there no longer a solution? slowly the game has been going on for half a year!

@daniel0220 ksiva changes each time the game is started as a session id

@daniel0220 Hey 🙂 We made an iteration on this problem, and last update 8.2 (31 August) contains a new fix of same-LAN connection problem. Some of the users already reported the problem has gone, so you can try to connect without VPN now.

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Nopeh, still not.

Fixed adresses on computers.

Ksiva of hosting pc: p:5bb11
Ksiva of joining local pc: p:5d1df

@Feathy Hello.
Thank you for the information.

Can you send these KSIVA codes and a screenshot with the error which appears on joining pc with the details to the
We will investigate this case.