You guys - Advice:

You guys really do ****. You **** up so hard not keeping up your online presence and answering your customers concerns. There are hundreds of people that I’ve personally witnessed who just gave up on this shit, and won’t be buying your product now because you were so lazy... that means that there are probably thousands more out there who feel the same. The requests you’ve been receiving were easy enough to placate... but you didn’t. Now you’re own forum just went dark, and you haven’t even released the game yet. If you need help managing your social media presence, I’m down, but fuck man... I really just wanted to see this happen, and not in such a haphazard fashion.

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Focus are reasonably active on the discord and reply to questions in real time if they are able.

On a more polite note, I would like to give the following feedback : I really wanted to buy this game, as a fan of Necromunda. But seeing that radio silence all along the development, I was really feeling bad about it, it seemed the team was not proud of its work. And I am so sad to say that the game's reviews precisely confirm my fears : the game has potential but needs a LOT of improvement on a LOT of areas : UI, optimisation, movement rules, AI behavior, available gangs... I won't make the list, just watch the reviews.

I won't buy this game, sorry, I can't support such mediocre work. That would be worse for the game, because I would feel forced to post a scathing review. On its current state, that game should be in early access, nothing more. If it were, I would have bought it already.

Game developers have to realize that fooling their players like that is the best way to gather hate. Look at Amazon Games, they removed Crucible from sale and put it back in development. Same for New World, they've postponed it, made a preview event, and put it back in dev. They're new in the game dev business, but at least they've understood that.

Thank you for your efforts, and good luck. I will wait for improvements, like with Mordheim, I guess.

Hello, thanks for your feedback! We're actively collecting feedback and will work on them now.

We've released a community update last week to give some visibility on our plans. Have a ncie day!