Crash barrier in Drummond Island

On the way to the Drummond Island Bridge, the two crash barriers (guardrails ... idk the right english word) in front of it are modeled in mirror image. With the sharp edges it always looks awful when you drive along there with the truck tires.

Leitplanken Drummond Island.jpg

it is called a guardrail, and I always felt like the collision model worked the same. The idea in the guardrail was to careen cars back toward the road not stop them dead.

Do you mean that the metal “barrier” part should be facing in, towards the road? If that’s what you mean, then I def agree with you.

Yes, the things that are anchored in the ground belong on the other side of the guardrail.

I didn't notice and I agree with you.

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Yup, those guardrails in Drummond Island are definitely inside-out.

Correct, the guardrail is facing the wrong direction.

Thank you for the report! We will take note.