This community struggles to grow because most people don't play the game.

10% of the players base cares about this game and wants it to grow and continue to succeed. The rest are casual players that constantly camp, bait teammates, almost never step on an objective, never use a microphone and then they are surprised when they constantly lose, subsequently leave the game permanently and never look back. Insurgency is a great game, but there just isn't enough players who care about teamwork and capturing objectives, and this is what makes people like me ragequit and not want to play.

Here's a few tips for 90% of the players base (if you like this game and want the community to grow):

  1. Play the fucking objective
  2. Communicate with your teammates
  3. Cover your teammates
  4. Mute trolls and don't give them any attention
  5. Play something other than push or co-op every once in awhile.

None of your complaints are unique to Insurgency. These are baseline requirements to succeed in any team-based FPS, and if players "leave the game permanently and never come back" because they don't follow those guidelines, then it's a self-correcting issue. You can play a game with 2000 active players like Insurgency, or a game with 300,000 active players like COD and you will have these same complaints. Play on your own server if you don't like matchmaking.

Also, what game modes people decide to play are their prerogative, and even if all they play is normal co-op, it has no bearing on your experience whatsover.

I do like me some co-op.

It's probably that most people when playing the multiplayer of any FPS are looking for the kill racking scores and so to them it's a COD thing where they want to just run the map and drop as many baddies as possible. Plus the game doesn't actually train people on tactics, so I don't much expect to go into a match with a gunner knowing to lay down cover fire with a couple of rifleman while a couple more flank from the sides on an objective.

Not advertising that people should play it but ARMA 3 would be more of the tactical FPS to play where you'd find good team dynamics. Insurgency is nowhere near on the same level as far as how the weapons and gear work (and also physics and such), but then I don't think it's meant to be.

It's in a slight middle ground where you're not trying to unlock "better" weapons and perks the way you would in COD type games but also not being in a massive several square mile map with lots of information, controls, players and stuff to worry about like ARMA.

Its not as simple as everyone being on the objective. You need people out who are picking enemy off before they get there (so they don't overwhelm the defenders inside), and people inside defend the objective. As a commander, i could not do my job from inside the objective and direct the fire support to the correct place and time, in many cases. Most the player around me communicate well and i tell them where and what fire support is going happen. There are a lot of new player who rum around like headless chickens but most of the old guard cover each other, and entrances to the objective. Its difficult converting COD player who are often rude and stupid to play in a tactical way.

How can I play the game when it won't even let me connect to nwi services lol

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@OnTheNuts I think you missed the point.

@Desperate-Spurt I agree. When I say "play the objective", this does not necessarily mean everyone would be on the objective. You could certainly get away with having one or two guys on the objective and the rest of the team around the perimeter (or possibly a distant machine gunner or sniper) providing cover fire. I am trying to stress objective awareness and the focus on capturing, which applies inside and outside of the objective. Too often, I have to spectate two or three players left alive who are only focused on camping and killing, and they allow all objectives to be captured while everyone who died on or near the objective has to watch them wait to be killed for 3-5 minutes before we lose.

@edbods never heard of that problem....

I think the main reason why the playerbase doesn't grow further is the game's lack of good and balanced gameplay that can cause long term motivation.
In casual PVP there is too much randomness and luck in the game. It's almost impossible to control any situation in PVP. That is a huge issue for a tactial game. The two main reasons in casual PVP are

  1. Too many people on the server/map
  2. Damage model / ttk is not balanced.

The maps also have many angels, which i think is a good thing, but than both points i mentioned before need to be adjusted.
Competitve firefight 5v5 has it's very high potential i think, since here point 1 i mentioned is right. What still needs to be adjusted is the damage model / ttk. I made a post about that. Right now you get killed in avrg. 1-2 hits which is not enough imo. 2-4 hits to kill would be optimal. That's how most competitive FPS games work. They provide long term motivation.
In conclusion I think this game focuses to much on atmosphere/realism rather than gameplay.

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It rather depends on the servers you frequent. The general gameplay pretty much encourages run'n'gun gameplay with 0 regards of allies. In some of the more tactical servers, generally co-op, teamwork tends to be higher on the list.

4 is just a universal thing, and in regards to #5: I wouldn't be playing this game if the co-op on tactical servers didn't interest me to the degree it does. I really couldn't care less about fps PvP nowadays. It just doesn't interest me anymore.