PTS Update 24/08/2020 (Update 8)

@Jellyfoosh Hello! When can more people finally play from the same network? Still not good! it practically does not connect to the server, so it does not enter the loading screen, but only shows the background of the main menu would start to connect but does not connect but disappears all the wallpaper remains, then after a while throws it back in the menu! Please come up with something now because we can't play!

Nice, good, I did not even see those problems. Keep up the good work.

This post is deleted!

@throwbuckley Well bloody said I read the post and thought what a spoilt lil brat

More important question is if EVERYTHING is fixed? Because when you unload/make progress, you dc all the time as well.

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@ukgamer808 yeah I also read @Nona’s post and couldn’t believe someone could actually write that. just wow

@esorokin Well, you say that. But we aren't getting any indicators that you're even aware of anything we report. I assume you probably have a long list, why not publish that list in a pinned locked thread. Then at least we'd be able to see what issues you are and you're not aware of.

I just hate consoles... whole game is messed up due to damn consoles. Lowered graphic, huge updates/patch times, damn fog allover to protect the damn console burning... none of this was necessary for pc players... dont get me wrong... i own a ps4 too and i use it for exclusive console games or sport games but it make me angry they messed up this game for pc, only because of consoles problems... anyway... c'est la vie.

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@throwbuckley Bless hes had it hard having to go through 100s of mods maps and able to play pts for the last 6 weeks and still thinks pc should have it before everyone else shocking how selfish some guys can be

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@Nona I rest my case just chill i know you had it hard the last few months but remember to pick up that dummy you just spat out lol

@ukgamer808 so crazy that he’s still going...
@Nona FYI - you’re still coming off like a whiny ass. wahhh my PC game is being affected very minutely even though I still have WAY more options to do things on PC...

I love how @Nona thinks the fog is due to console hardware limitations. It couldnt possibly be due to a game engine limitation. If it were due to hardware limitations, someone might be inclined to think they would have a fog density setting somewhere in the menus, that way those with a more powerful pc could reduce the fog level compared to those people with minimum specs. But he's totally right, the fog is totally unnecessary, especially for those who own pcs that meet the minimum specs... I mean, cmon, its a PC, it can play any game better than a console every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Im a PC gamer and I hate the PC master race just as much as any console player. Get off your high horse and sit in the mud for a bit with the rest of us, you may find you enjoy it.


I wont mind the new update to be live first for console as long as they not mix the platforms problems... why calling me selfish? Cause im waiting for console approval of the patch in order to play on pc? And mods are stupid so i have no advantage from modding... whats the fun driving around with grotesque tires and super engines in silly modified vehicles? In my opinion mods are for kids. The only good mod is the "less fog" one!
You just console fanatics...i'm sorry for you... wish you happy tv gaming...

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@Nona keep digging that hole lol Why don t you grow up and you still hav nt picked that dummy up you spat out earlier,If i wanted a pc I would get one I have respect for any gamers whatever they play but I prefer console as I like to play the game instead of messing around with files I have been on ps forever been gaming for 37 years I suggest you go seek some professional anger management after all its just a bloody game

@throwbuckley Unbloody believable but hes not selfish just has major anger problems lets hope he gets help

@Nona said in PTS Update 24/08/2020 (Update 😎:

I wont mind the new update to be live first for console as long as they not mix the platforms problems...

Uhh yeah I’m calling BS on that - in your first comment you literally wrote “I’m on PC, WHY MUST I WAIT FOR CONSOLE APPROVAL?” And now you’re trying to say you’d be fine with consoles getting the update first?! GTFOH.
If you’re on PC you’ve essentially had the damn update already for weeks now. Granted it’s on a test server, but you’ve STILL been able to play on the new map, drive the new truck, use the new metal detector add-on, try out all of the new contracts and tasks, etc etc. I don’t want to hear it bro. You have absolutely ZERO reason to complain.

@throwbuckley Im just praying he gets help sooooon

@Nona said in PTS Update 24/08/2020 (Update 😎:

You should fix this... not mixing console with pc... im on pc... why the hell i must wait for consoles approval...

Okay guys i m saying it this is statement of the year

@Nona said whats the fun driving around with grotesque tires and super engines in silly modified vehicles?

Hmmm... Im sure all of these trucks are just silly to you... I mean, just look at them...

But yeah... you shouldnt use those... stick to the stock in game vehicles, they are a whole lot more realistic than these trucks.

And when the others said having access to mods is an advantage, you do realize there are more than 20 maps already uploaded, right? Thats 22 maps that console players can not use right now. It's virtually doubling the content of the game just in mods. I mean, I just handed you 7 new, very detailed trucks and quite a few new maps. But Im not trying to convince you of anything, just pointing out the obvious. Its up to interpretation as to exactly what it is that I am pointing to. 😉