FIXED - International Transtar 4070A - snorkel can't be installed on new truck <PTS 8.0>

When I try to install a snorkel on a newly bought truck, it says "This addon requires another addon to be installed." The truck I already had before 8.0 doesn't have that problem, I can install and uninstall the snorkel just fine.

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.24 - 18.26.33.jpg

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This stems as far back as late July in early PTS 7 build as seen here -

I don't understand how this never got fixed, yet got broken somehow in that build.

This is still an issue as of now

This has been fixed as of 10.1 -

I also just fired up the current 10.2 PTS and the snorkel can be purchased/installed, unequipped or sold without issue on a newly purchased truck.

Now I didn't have one already in my storage when I transferred my live save over so if you already own one and still see this error, you should sell and repurchase the truck similar to a recent update which certain White Western Star's equipped with the old heavy crane required selling and repurchasing to correct the "duplicate cranes".

I checked myself and indeed it is fixed. Even on the truck which was bought during the time it was broken, snorkel can now be installed.
@OwnedbyC are you sure you are playing on the PTS?