• Crane attachment: the trucks like the B66, B130 and B131 should have a crane attachment. This way they would be useful to take out the added weight of having a crane in the big trucks.
    A crane attachment trailer for the small trucks would also be nice, tho they might not be able to pull it being so weak.
  • 969 design: In my opinion, an open roof car has no business in a game like this. You can see how the seats and dashboard get covered in mud. I think that it should have a cloth roof.
  • 969 speed: this vehicle is very slow, even in a flat hard road, i think it should be faster.
  • Utility and damage: if you play the game correctly you will never use these addons. My suggestion is that you make the trucks a bit more susceptible to damage, but leave water damage as it is. I also think they can take too much damage. Maybe 400 instead of 600 for the big trucks would be better.