multiplayer network error on enhanced version only

I play game from steam.
exact error is
network error
ERROR: Disconnected from Server
Please verify your internet connection and try again

what i have tried
tried several win 10 machines. pro and non pro versions
tried a complete reformat and reinstall of win10, with clean game install
tried a different network card
tried with firewall off
tried with antivirus off
tried with antivirus uninstalled
verified game is allowed on both private and public networks
bypassed router and connected directly to internet.
bypassed internet provide via vpn
tried different internet provider
tried various dns servers

spacehulk deathwing non enhanced version multiplayer works fine.

also see this in my interface when connection is atempted

Destination: (

User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: 60663, Dst Port: 514
[truncated]Syslog message: LOCAL0.ERR: 1 2020-08-31T09:15:08.000519+00:00 DESKTOP galaxy_peer 86b3110a galaxy1 - (, 52869873430088939) [PeerMatchmakingFacade] AddRequestLobbyListResultCountFilter: limit=50: error=Gog Err

any help appreciated

BRO, I am having the same issue... Will someone please address this. It's insanely frustrating..

same problem. can't find the solution. WHERE IS THE SUPPORT?! how fix it???? i wanna play coop, i am pay for this, WHERE IS MY COOP??